Misajlovski: Investment of 800 million euro for new highways

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With the proposed budget for 2016 for the Ministry of Transport and Communications are provided nearly two billion for realization of projects of road and railway infrastructure, construction of social buildings, water supplying and sewage systems, walkways, funicular water and other projects. These funds will be used for the implementation of ongoing projects, but also for starting new that we have promised in our program, said the Minister of Transport and Communications Minister Vlado Misajlovski in the interview for MIA.


The results of the ongoing construction activities, points Misajlovski are visible on the ground. During construction of 155.7 kilometers of new motorway network the  investment is worth about 800 million euro. With the construction of the motorway Demir Kapija-Smokvica in length of 28.2 kilometers with investment worth 210 million euro, the progress of the works is 65.5 percents and the new highway Miladinovci – Shtip, which should be 47 kilometers long and investment worth 206 million euro, the progress is 20 percents. The highway Kichevo-Ohrid, however, with the length of 57 kilometers and investment worth 374 million euro, 7.7 percents progress. Ongoing activities and rehabilitation of the highway section Veles-Katlanovo (Skopje) in length of 23.5 kilometers. The investment is worth 5.6 million euro and the deadline for completion this November, said Misajlovski.

In the coming period, as the Minister of Transport informed, we plan to begin construction or reconstruction of several highway sections. In October, will start rebuilding the highway Smokvica-Gevgelija with length 10.15 kilometers, with estimated value of seven million, and at the end of year the Kumanovo-Miladinovci with length of 23 kilometers, with investment worth 16 million euro. – Planned construction of the motorway section Trebenishte – Struga with length of 8.5 kilometers. The estimated cost of the project is 45 million euro. It is envisaged the rehabilitation of the motorway section Negotino – Demir, with the length of eight kilometers, where construction work will begin in 2017. For the construction of the highway Skopje-Blace the plan is to schedule the call for public-private partnership, the minister Misajlovski.

In terms of regional roads and highways, points out, it is under construction the rehabilitation of about 100 km road network and investment worth 37 million euro. During this next month, as announced, will begin reconstruction of six regional roads with length of 73 kilometers and investment worth 10 million euro.

For next year is planned the rehabilitation of roads Kochani – Delchevo, expressway Gradsko – Prilep, Ohrid-Peshtani, Shtip- Kochani, Shtip-Radovish and to begin construction of the expressway Rankovce-Kriva Palanka.

Among other things, Misajlovski announced that this year would be reconstructed 46 local roads in 36 municipalities worth 7.2 million euro. Until now are completed 28 local roads, and ongoing is the reconstruction of 17 roads.

Misajlovski in the interview refers to the construction of the railway infrastructure and points out that the activities of the railroad to Bulgaria run continuously.

– Currently is being built section from Kumanovo to Beljakovce. The investment for this section is nearly 40 million. You know that is already provided loan from EBRD in the amount of 147 million euro for the construction of the second section from Beljakovce to Kriva Palanka. We plan until the end to the year to schedule the tender for selecting company that will carry out the construction of this section. If all goes according to plan, we expect next year to start construction. For the last section from Kriva Palanka to the border with Bulgaria, we expect until the end of the year to choose design house that will prepare the project. The estimated value of this section is around 340 million euro, out of which 60 million euro is planned to be financed from IPA and budget, and the rest from EBRD and EIB. We expect, by 2022 to have complete line of Corridor 8 to Bulgaria, said Minister of Transport.

At the same time, he stated, we are working on project to build new railroad to Albania. Here we are looking at the possibility to establish one section to Ohrid. It is early to say for the start of construction activities, but considering the completion of the railway Corridor 8 it will increase the competitiveness of Macedonia rail routes between the Balkan, stated Misajlovski.

He announced that soon will arrive first electrically passenger train as part of the fleet in the MZ Transport. – The second passenger train according to the agreement is  expected to arrive by the end of November. The investment worth 25 million euro will be completed in the first quarter of 2016 when it will be delivered the four new trains that will replace 60 percents of the fleet of Railway, said Misajlovski.

He noted that intensive work to attract new airlines would offer new destinations for its citizens through affordable rates. We are negotiating, he stated with several companies to introduce new destinations, but we will announce it if reach concrete agreement.