Paid 32.69 million MKD subsidies for 2,127 farmers

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Government paid 32.69 million subsidies for 2,127 farmers for several measures, informed today the Ministry of Finance.


The 2,025 dairy farmers were paid 27.5 million MKD as follows: 23.2 million MKD to the 1.933 farmers for production and sale of sheep, cow and goat milk, 2.26 million MKD for heads tagged sheep, 1.3 million MKD for tagged cattle and 761 thousand MKD  for female breeding herds sows.

Also were paid 2.89 million MKD for orchards, two million denars for existing vineyards, 155,450 denars for support of agriculture and 21 828 denars for gardening and outdoor greenhouses.