In Veles would be open another industrial zone

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After the opening of this factory, there is announced to build another, larger industrial zone in Veles. On this topic in the news on Kanal 5 Ana Milevska Gjorgjeva at the opening of the new factory, spoke to Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Peshevski.


-Effect will be significant and in some areas except what is obviously, the number of new jobs. We see additional effects, namely the industrial zone got prominence because it is located the world brand as “Marquardt” and for attraction for all other investors it means sign of confidence that Veles is a good destination, logistical issues are resolved and all those who have already purchased the sites in the industrial area can expect to start accelerated construction, said Peshevski.

He stressed that except those effects such as employment and increased exports, secondary effects, cooperation with domestic companies are also very important and perhaps most of all, the collaboration with local universities or our educational institutions because “Marquardt” in its type belongs to many sophisticated company that manufactures mechatronic components for the automotive industry so that its employees shall be persons who have completed electrical, mechanical, technological, chemical engineering, all those with technological vocations, which will ultimately result in products with high added value, higher incomes and higher standard of living. And of course, the other effects that as they said in the long run will be even greater.

-First, the concept of industrial zones was initiated by the Government and it means it is idea that has been promoted three to four years ago as continuation of the concept of free economic zones. Karaslari is one of those areas, already Mamutchevo as lot is awarded to the Municipality of Veles, they did transformation of agricultural land into construction land, done together with the Mayor Chadiev, so the interest is for the Government to continue with this support since its formation is done with the support of the Government, and of course we will try and bring foreign investors, but the zone is open to domestic investors and what this investment here, today shows is this concept of industrial zones and general conditions for doing business that they Government created, which are favorable not only in the free economic zones but also in industrial zones. Therefore, that thesis that are given  special conditions to foreign investors versus domestic somehow does not hold water, because the results on the ground suggest otherwise, said Peshevski.

According to the vice Prime Minister, the years of the transition of number of industrial facilities extinguished, especially in few industrial centers such as Veles in Macedonia where factories were directed to another production on other markets and lost those markets, not technologically went backward as they were managed appropriately and lost its meaning and created unemployment.

-The Government efforts are exactly in the opposite direction, to overcome the problem of unemployment, but by building new types of factories, targeting new markets with new types of products. In addition, that strategy obviously gives success. I appeal to the mayors who have not yet launched and do not have proper initiative, to find locations that have on the territory of their municipalities, which will transformed into industrial zones. There are number of benefits, from the sale of land at really good price, which allows the Government to decrease utility, to various aid for employment of new persons through the Agency for Employment, they provide an opportunity for domestic investors to build and invest in new plants and to do this with minimal cost or minimal time and to create favorable conditions for their operations. Therefore, I am satisfied as the unemployment is decreased by 11 percents in recent years. It’s a trend that will continue and I believe that these policies over time will yield results that will continue to provide positive results that we now have and will have even greater standard of living, concluded Peshevski.