New and modern roads are reality in Macedonia

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The World Bank has approved the loan of 83 million euro for building the road from Rankovce to Kriva Palanka. The tender should be published soon and in the spring to begin with the construction work. The road has length of 26.5 kilometers and will have two lanes on both sides. Construction works will last for 3 years, and the road should be open to traffic in late 2019 year, said recently Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Zoran Stavreski, analyze Lider.


“We will build new expressway section and at one section we will make reconstruction and to the road will be safe for traffic and easier for drivers. With the money from this loan, we need to improve transport connections along the Corridor 8, between Skopje and Deve Bair. Improved eastern section of roads on Corridor 8 will contribute to strengthening the country’s integration into the region and the EU, will facilitate access to new markets, and will provide better connections and lower costs. This is the third transport project for roads that the World Bank financed in Macedonia. The first, which will finish at the end of the year, rehabilitated 284 kilometers of regional and 400 km of local roads. The second project was improving national and regional sections of Corridor 10 and 8, said Stavreski.

Invests in the road infrastructure as never before

One of the priorities to the Government of Republic of Macedonia is building road infrastructure. In the period between 2006 and now are built and reconstructed several motorways and sections with length of 73 kilometers and total investment worth 166 million euro. In abovementioned period were built:

In 2006, rehabilitated section Gevgelija-Smokvica in length of 11.5 kilometers. The total investment worth 9.5 million euro.

In 2008, launched the Skopje bypass, which is part of Corridor 8, at the level of highway with 26.8 kilometers. The total project value is around 15.1 million euro.

In 2011, built the section Tabanovce -Kumanovo with length of 7.5 kilometers. At the highway Kumanovo – Tabanovce were built two interchanges i.e. interchange Tabanovce and interchange Rechica. Total value of the project is 13.3 million euro.

In 2012, was done rehabilitation of the motorway section Katlanovo -Veles. The length of the rehabilitated section is 27.6 km and the investment worth is 6.6 million euro.

Highways under construction

Currently are being building three new highways Demir Kapija – Smokvica at the Corridor 10, Mother Teresa on the route Kichevo – Ohrid and highway Goce Delchev on the route Miladinovci (Skopje) – Shtip. Ongoing is rehabilitation of the motorway section from Veles to Katlanovo (Skopje). Total, with ongoing construction are 155.7 kilometers of new motorway network or investment worth around 795 million euro.

Construction of the Demir Kapija-Smokvica in length of 28.2 km as part of Corridor 10. The total investment worth around 210 million euro.

Highway construction Miladinovci – Shtip (highway Gotse Delchev), the length is 47 kilometers and investment is worth 206 million euro.

Highway construction Kichevo-Ohrid (highway Mother Teresa) with length of 57 kilometers. The investment is worth 374 million euro.

Rehabilitation of the motorway section Veles-Katlanovo (Skopje), with length of 23.5 kilometers. Investment is worth 5.6 million euro.

Planned construction of highways

Challenge for the Ministry of Transport and Communications and of course the Government is building new highway sections in the project or developing the transport network in the country. Plans for the construction and rehabilitation of 70 kilometers of motorway sections. Within these investments are planned following projects:

Construction of motorway section Trebenishte – Struga. This highway section has length of 8.5 kilometers. The estimated cost of the project is 45 million euro and will be financed with funds from the EBRD.

Rehabilitation of the motorway section Smokvica-Gevgelija. With the realization of this project will be carried out rehabilitation and upgrading of 10.15 km of highway section from Smokvica to Gevgelija. The estimated value for the rehabilitation of this highway section is 4.2 million euro. The project will be financed with funds from the IPA and Budget.

Rehabilitation of the motorway section Kumanovo-Miladinovci. It envisages rehabilitation of the section Kumanovo Miladinovci (right track) with length of 22.3 km and section Miladinovci- Kumanovo (left track) with length of 22.5 kilometers. Estimated value is 16 million euro and the project will be financed by IPA and Budget.

Highway construction of Gostivar-Kichevo. The decision envisages construction of carriageway with 2 lanes with width of 3.75 m with standing lane with width of 2.5 m in every direction. This section will be continuation of the highway Kichevo-Ohrid.

Construction of motorway section Skopje-Blace. This section is planned to have length of 13 km and width of 27, 5 meters.

Rehabilitation of the motorway section Negotino – Demir Kapija. This project is planned to complete the rehabilitation of two roads, installation of new guardrails and protectors, new, modern horizontal and vertical signalization. The section is 6.5 kilometers long. Expected start of construction is in 2016 and will last 12 months. Estimated value of this project is 7 million euro and will be financed by IPA and Budget.


From 2006 until early 2015, were built and rehabilitated 39 regional and national roads with total length of about 510 kilometers or total investment of over 93 million euro.

Roads under construction.

Ongoing is the construction and rehabilitation of four regional and national sections with total length of 52.3 kilometers and investment worth 28.6 euro.

rehabilitation of the regional road Mavrovo-Mavrovo Anovi (FINISHED)

construction of new regional road Skopje-Sonchev Grad

construction of new regional road Opae – Beljakovce – Stanchikj – border with Kosovo

construction of the expressway Velez-Kadrifakovo

Planned road construction

In preparation for commencement of rehabilitation are 11 regional routes with total length of 158 km, as follows:

Bitola – Resen -Bukoco (STARTED)

Connection to A4 (Novo Selo) – Mavrovo – Zhirovnica – Debar (STARTED)

Delchevo – Golak

Mokrino – Smolari (start)

Melnichki most – Centar Zhupa

Lazhani – Ropotovo – Crniliste

Krivogashtani – Obrshani – Vogjani

Kochani – Delchevo

Nov Dojran – Nikolich (STARTED)

Tetovo -Brvenica- Chegrane (STARTED)

Gradsko – Prilep (expressway)


Shtip-Kochani (expressway)

Shtip-Radovish (expressway)


Within the program for construction and reconstruction of local road network during the period from 2010 to 2015 were reconstructed 360 local roads in length of 692 kilometers and investment worth 57.2 million euro.

“Government for the construction of local roads in Macedonia for this year allocated 7.2 million euro, and so far for this purpose have invested 57 million euro wherever it was most needed and priority. We will continue in the future because it is important for citizens, the economy and everything connected with local trips. After taking power, we have intensively started the construction of local roads and stopped in 2006, although at one time many people criticized us for paying attention to local roads and few highways. We paid bigger attention to highways, but we kept the same attention for local roads, said Prime Minister Gruevski after visiting the village of Sveta Petka in Sopishte.

In 2015, they will be reconstructed 46 local roads with total length of 57 kilometers and investment worth 7.2 million euro. So far are rehabilitated 22 local roads.