Over 7250 private companies have been started with the project “Self-employment”

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Over 7250 private companies so far have been open with project “Self-employment” and at the end of the year is expected to be opened 400 more. Certificates for entrepreneurship training through the program today were awarded to 101 people to start their own business. This is project of the Government of the Republic Macedonia in partnership with UNDP that is implemented since 2007.


Certificates for the future entrepreneurs today were awarded by the Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Dime Spasov who noted that with this project is supported the growth, development and the establishment of new small companies.

-For 2015, we have provided support to 900 unemployed people to establish their own business, to self-employ, to realize their own business idea with grant for self-employed worth 3000 euro. The total funds provided for this project in 2015 was 202 million MKD, said Spasov.

He added that this is great support for the Macedonian economy and great support for the unemployed.

-Today was completed the second cycle of the self-employment program for 2015, i.e. during this month we expect to be established around 400 private companies and thus, finalize the number of established 900 private companies through the  grant program for self-employment and to create about 1000 new jobs, emphasized Spasov.

Participants who today received Certificates for completed training for self-employment will be able to use some of the measures realized by the Government of the Republic Macedonia and the project “Macedonia employs.” Through these measures, they can receive relief from social security contributions for each new and additional employment.

-We will continue with series of projects to influence the reduction of unemployment and creating new jobs in the Republic Macedonia, said the Minister.

Luisa Vinton Resident Representative of the Programme for United Nations Development said it was found the right recipe to help unemployed people to become small business owners.

-We are very proud that one third of these small businesses are run and managed by women, and young people who are younger than 29 years own one-third. This really shows how strong mechanism is small businesses, how much opportunities are provided for employment of new people and of course, especially for the employment of people who find it hard to come to work, said Vinton.

She added that what is more important is that many of these small businesses employ additional people, which once again shows how important is small businesses as the engine of the economy and the possibility of development of country.

Slobodanka Aleksovska, the Head of the Employment Centre in Skopje said that despite the large number of established new businesses, it is important that large part of them i.e. more than 70 percents are still active and many of them also develop businesses with two, three and more employees.