Trajanovski denied Zernovski’s manipulations: Quay at GTC will not be transport street

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Mayor of the Center in the political race for point plus, manipulate with the announcements to build on the quay of the Vardar River. He before the citizens presents a picture that there will be built transport road, and the truth is that the GTC Quay will become modern arranged space under special regime with paving tiles.


The part of the Quay “November 13” where the DUP Municipality Center planned construction of the street, will have special regime of traffic where is the the street “Nikola Vapcarov” at the monument Metodi Andonov Cento.

Only a small section will occupy the space used by the coffee bars on the front part, which should demonstrate social responsibility and in order to do useful surface covered with paving tiles besides the citizens, it will be used for vehicles only under special arrangements.

Skopje Mayor Koce Trajanovski said that they are following DUP adopted by Municipality Centar.

-I want to emphasize that the new access road will be covered with paving-plates same as street “Nikola Vaptsarov” and it would be applied special regime for the movement of motor vehicles.

Contrary to the false accusations of the mayor Zhernovski that before the public makes political marketing and politicize the construction of the street, the jurisdiction of the quay under the law is fully in the City of Skopje.

Mayor Trajanovski today added that for the construction of the road would not be allocated funds from City, but that it is private investor.

– I want to emphasize that the City of Skopje will not build this street. The street would be built by private investor who seek the agreement from the City of Skopje to build this access road. Skopje, according to law, is obliged to issue consent and the right to the investor for the construction of this access road and enable the realization of the detailed urban plan for the downtown area, said Trajanovski.

Mayor of Centar Zhernovski, in the past is continuous trying to make marketing of this theme by spreading untruths. One is that the street would be transport, which was not true and Mayor Trajanovski today denied it. It will be street where vehicles will move under special regime same as the street where the monument of Metodi Andonov Cento is and in the remaining period will be of benefit to citizens. This will introduce greater order in the organization of Quay November 13.