With the project “Macedonia employs” so far are employed over 6,300 people

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“Employing Macedonia” project in a period of five months opened 6,330 job positions in 4.150 private Macedonian companies, said Minister of Labor and Social Policy Dime Spasov.


He underlined that through this project the number of new open jobs is increasing every day.

This project became recognizable among private companies, but also among all citizens in our country. So far, 6.330 persons were employed in less than five months which is a significant success. It significantly influenced the reduction of unemployment in the country and the creation of new jobs. So far, 4.150 private Macedonian companies used the benefits of exemption from payment of social security contributions for a period of one to five years depending on the category of the unemployed person who shall be employed, Spasov told reporters during his visit to a kindergarten.

He noted that this project helps young people i.e. so far over 1.760 young people up to the age of 29 and over 2.200 persons from the age of 20 to 35 were employed.