FILE TELECOM – How much money are necessary for stopping Zaev and Shekerinska

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The government of SDSM, although had recommendations from the European Union as legal obligation, never allow entrance of in the second and third fixed network operator and provided illegal extra profit to Telekom and according to US judicial and investigative authorities to this end each of them divided at least 8 million euro bribe wrote VECHER.


It slowly becomes clear why SDSM illegally acquired and modeled telephone conversations, private conversations of people and their government interlocutors, wants to create affair and SDSM officials to make political profits for themselves and the party. One is to publish, and that on illegal manner, foreign private telephone conversations that are non-binding and a kind of that everyone has in its communication, and they modeled before publication, and another thing is to have legal video for someone and even to lead international investigation for corruption worth 20 million dollar.

SDSM top officials and former, as well as in particular the current, led by Zoran Zaev and Radmila Shekerinska, for decades sunk in crime and corruption, and it is one of the main reasons why they are constantly losing at the elections, except the lack of program, staff and history in which the SDSM never rose pensions or salaries, not built anything and reached record unemployment rate of 37 percents versus the current 25 percents of unemployment.

And in 2002, when they won at the last election, it happened after they collapsed Government and undermine the defense of Macedonia in 2001, then won with direct and undisguised foreign intervention. And, at the end, the result of that Government is known.

Zoran Zaev, local oligarch from Strumica, all his years in the top of the policy has undergone in corruption scandals and court proceedings against him for corruption.

Once in August 2008 the President Branko Crvenkovski save Zoran Zaev from prison by of abolition of charges under which Zaev, stole 8 million municipal money.

Now, in 2015, Brussels and the Ambassadors of the United States and the European Union again saved Zoran Zaev from court proceedings on charges of bribe of 200,000 euro, corruption recorded on camera in legal proceedings.

Same as they save and Radmila Shekerinska. Once diplomats have saved her from the court for extremely suspicious corruption agreement with Microsoft worth over $ 3 million, at which worked together with Jani Makraduli.

In October 2006, the Ministry of Interior submitted report to the Public prosecutor with proposal for proceeding due to the agreement with Microsoft in 2003 signed by the  Deputy Prime Minister at that time, Radmila Shekerinska and by which Microsoft had been paid about $ 3.5 million instead of 1.2 million and opposition to the decision Shekerinska expressed Governor at that time, Petar Goshev. According to the investigation of the Ministry of Interior Shekerinska damaged the state budget by 1.5 million euro, or over 2 million dollars.

Instead starting the proceedings, the prosecution under pressure from President Crvenkovski and diplomats, stopped the process. After Zaev diplomats saved Shekerinska, and the money that was embezzled, over 10 million euro were gone forever.

But the habit to reaching for state money, to avoid paying taxes, and perform corruption remained with Zaev, Shekerinska, Buckovski and others top officials at SDSM.

Proof for this is the Telecom affair.

In contrast to domestic cases, the affair Telecom is lead by the US financial police and US courts, so here the Ambassadors of the United States and the European Union have no impact to cover and hide the case and save SDSM.

Based on the published documents from the investigation of the US government and judicial authorities published in Macedonian media – recently was revealed the following:

During 2005 and 2006 the government of SDSM led by Vlado Buchkovski and Radmila Shekerinska and others took bribes or committed major corruption, with amount of at least 8 million euro to ensure Telecom monopoly in fixed and dominant position in the mobile Telephony i.e. not to allow entry of second fixed line and third mobile operator, which could reduce the prices of Telecom.

For this purpose, Telecom prepared legislative materials to guarantee domination and extra profits and submitted it to Radmila Shekerinska. On the other hand, representatives of the SDSM government led by then Prime Minister Buchkovski received from Telecom and its partners at least 8 million euro prize in cash.

The government of SDSM, although had recommendations from the European Union as legal obligation, never allow the second and third fixed network operator and provided illegal extra profits to Telecom, which according to the US law enforcement and investigative authorities to this end each divided least 8 million euro as bribe.

For years we’ve paid illegally expensive impulses of mobile and fixed phones from our pockets for the officials in the government of SDSM to be able to take their money, by which the SDSM government stole from us. Even then, after the Government was taken by VMRO DPMNE and Gruevski we received second fixed and mobile network operator and tariff dropped radically.

Let’s look at the figures:

In 2006, Telecom, thanks to bribe, which Government of SDSM received in the 2006 – had 67 percents of the market, and the second mobile operator Cosmofon about 33 percents.

Following the introduction of the third mobile operator VIP, today in 2015 Telecom has about 47 percents of the market.

When the government of SDSM led by Shekerinska and Buchkovski received 8 million euro in bribe in 2006 and guaranteed the dominance of Telecom, we were paying mobile impulse of 17.3 MKD. When VMRO DPMNE and Gruevski came to power and introduced the third mobile operator and control of mobile operators, today we pay average tariff for mobile of only 2 MKD per minute, or nearly 90 percents less.

Or, in short, we from our pocket paid bribe worth at least 8 million euro for the officials in the government of SDSM to maintain high tariff and create extra profits for Telecom and Cosmofon.

Is there, after this dilemma for the five family apartment of Radmila Shekerinska, her expensive wardrobe and even more expensive vacations around the world. Or habit for corruption of Zoran Zaev, Buchkovski and other SDSM officials implicated in the affair, and two of them are activists and involved in the projects of Soros Foundation.

When Crvenkovski was official, they stole two pensions from pensioners, about 100 million euro from TAT, disbanded foreign investors not to interfere with their domestic oligarchs and went unpunished.

When Buchkovski and Shekerinska came, occurred procurement in the Ministry Defense and the scandals with Microsoft and Telecom. When Zoran Zaev came occurred corruption of 8 million euro in Global and the latest wiretapping and bribery of 200,000 euro and again there was no punishment. There are no penalties due to the protection of diplomats in small country like Macedonia that behave quite contrary to the rules in their countries.

Now they, the same diplomats want to protect Zaev, Shekerinska and help SDSM to get good position before the election. But, so far in nine occasions, the citizens at elections defeated SDSM and showed that Macedonia is theirs, it is not diplomatic state and they have no intention further from their own pocket to pay SDSM corruption.

After all, here again, Zaev, Shekerinska and their team seek power and amnesty.