Photo: Ohrid gets Film Academy

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Thanks to the cooperation of the Government and Film Academy (FAMU) Prague, Ohrid this year will host the newly established public scientific institution “Institute of Film – Film Academy”.


Deputy Minister of Science and Education Spiro Ristovski Ohrid stressed that it is unique collaboration of its kind of FAMU with another country and it is contribution of the members of the international team, composed of representatives of the Film Academy (FAMU) and the Ministry of education, all aimed Institute of film to become reality and part of the Macedonian educational system.

– Institute of Film will be associate member of the University “Goce Delchev” from Shtip and will offer postgraduate departments on screenwriting and dramaturgy, and the Department for creative production. The three-year study will be conducted in English, and are adjusted according to the standards, principles and long tradition of FAMU in Prague, the fifth oldest film school in the world, said Ristovski.

Ristovski explained that the teaching staff at the Institute of Film – Film Academy in Ohrid alongside regular teachers would be composed of professors from Prague, which will enable future students to learn from the best in the area.

– Practically from today until October 4, by completing the electronic application at the website, begins registration of second cycle studies at the Institute of Film. Interviews with candidates will be conducted on 13 and 14 October and the professional team of the institution will select prospective students, said Ristovski, explaining that in order to allow the best candidates, regardless of financial status, to study at the prestigious Institute, the Ministry will award 20 scholarships to students who will enroll at the graduate studies in screenwriting and drama or creative production.


Ristovski said that the Government and the competent Ministry would work intensively for Film Institute to become regionally recognized institution of higher education, given the great interest in these studies and the potential of the city to attract international students.

Mayor of Ohrid Nikola Bakracheski expressed gratitude to all those who worked on the realization of this major project.

– With the opening of the Film Academy Ohrid occupies important place on the world film map. We are aware that through this institution we would increase the promotion of the city in the world, the city that on the foundations of millennial cultural and historical past successfully builds its future, said Bakracheski expressing belief that would be realized the idea of ​​opening film studio, by which Ohrid become known as Film City.

Professor Tomasz Petran from FAMU in turn noted that the idea of ​​opening studies for film in Ohrid resulted from talks with his Macedonian counterpart Ivo Trajkov, who studied in Prague for almost three decades.

– This idea is exercised after seven years of hard work. Many people and institutions participated and helped its realization. This school in Macedonia is continuation of the long tradition of cultural cooperation between the two countries which began in 863, when the Saints Cyril and Methodius came to Moravia in Slavic educational mission, said Petran among other.

He expressed confidence that by the opening of this center for film industry in Ohrid, it will mean not only educational, but also scientific activity i.e. as are planned doctoral studies devoted to research thought.

– It is planned to develop research in the areas of the film industry, film theory and visual anthropology or history of film. Next year we plan to open departments for directing, camera and post-production – editing, said Professor Petarn.

At the press conference was even emphasized that representatives of FAMU in Prague during the talks about the opening of the educational institution and Film Institute in Macedonia insisted on headquarters in Ohrid, not only because of its outstanding cultural and historical heritage, but also as location with natural film set design.

The academic year of new scientific and educational institution is scheduled to begin in November this year. Public Scientific Institution “Institute of Film – Film Academy” will work at the current University of Information Sciences, which is scheduled to be deployed in the premises of the scientific campus that will be located in the grounds of former military garrison “General Mihajlo Apostolski.”