Zaev captured alive as is lying citizens of Strumica

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Mayor of Strumica Zoran Zaev on television and publicly promised and did not meet promises, the construction of kindergarten in the village Kuklish. It did not represented a problem and no obligation, after 6 years although kindergarten was promised, it was not built.


-We will put into use kindergarten in Kuklish and will be arranged the space in ythe new building, which is in phase carbine, said Zaev, but did not fulfill the promise.

For residents of Kuklish, Zoran Zaev is a man who does keeps his word and that only promises, and does not fills anything. Instead of coming to visit and listen to citizens’ problems, so as do all the other mayors, he comes to Kuklish from election to election, he will come and promised everything and none of it will do. He only lies, not this year but next year and so time passes. These are some of the comments from residents of Kuklish which are revolted by unfulfilled promises of Zaev.

-Here, we are on site, there is nothing of the promised kindergarten by Zaev. Neither Zaev visited citizens of Kuklish nor explained where is the kindergarten that he publicly promised 6 years ago. He promised it, in 2010 to build kindergarten, and here, he has neither started it. Parents from Kuklish continue with its problem of taking care of their children. This lie of Zaev is part of series of lies that he’s been referring them, to the people of Kuklish and all Strumica underestimating them, believing that he can deceive the citizens as he wants, says Boban Malinov, a resident of Kuklish.


Angry citizens told Zaev instead announcements, he should come to visit and explain why the settlement with over 3000 inhabitants and 100 children of preschool age, has no kindergarten.

-This is just one of the lies of Zaev and his dishonest business. Strumica is the least interest Zaev. Municipality of Strumica workd with no mayor and that is why Zaev should step down from the office of mayor of Strumica. Strumica deserves better and more, appealed citizens.

For this issue, advisory group of VMRO-DPMNE from Strumica held press conference in Kuklish called Zaev on responsibility. In contrast, although Zaev is not work, the central government continues its investments. Citizens of Kuklish are satisfied with the functioning of river hydro system Markova reka, which Gruevski officially inaugurated last week. With this investment of about 1 million euro is solved a significant problem for farmers from Kuklish, Svidovica and Gradsko Baldovci.


-It would be more practical for farmers, they will not have to spend gasoline and at any time there is water … much easier, much better … We’re happy, but if there would be water regular we do not know, but we should makes scheduling for water. It would be better, will save on gas, there will be less consumption. Each week 50, 60 liters of petrol was spent … It would be better, a thousand times, say citizens of Kuklish.

Also, another important investment is the construction and adaptation of the building for the Ministry of Finance in the center of Strumica where the project is worth 1.1 million euro, provided by the state budget. Here will be accommodated several institutions that will be available to the citizens of Strumica, such as branch offices of the Property and Legal Affairs, the PRO, the Agency for Real Estate and Department for Evidence. All these institutions will be in one place and citizens without walking from one place to another will be able to complete the work and to get all the necessary documents.


Citizens are satisfied with this project and now are saying that this is important for the development of Strumica, for the development of life in the old town of Strumica and is in function of their needs.

– People feel that city will revive, to be a city, not only that, now would open the old theater, said resident of Strumica.

– The shops that were deserted are already purchased and the place will really develop. When here was, the Ministry it was working, people were moveing. I think it is good move and that part of the city will develop and get the city character, which is very important, adds another citizen.