World brand “Barracuda” invests in Macedonia

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The leading Irish provider of software solutions for the global financial market BARRACUDA FX (Barracuda FX), has chosen Macedonia as its future investment destination. The company will open center for research and development, which has not been present in us.


– “Barracuda FX” will initially invest around one million euro and will employ about 80 to 90 people, and then this figure will continue to grow. The aim is, what the company now has as main product for trading on world markets, to develop products in Macedonia for other segments in financial operations, said Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Peshevski, who met today with representatives of the company.

For month the company will begin to work, and the process of recruiting people is underway.

According to Morris Quran, one of the founders of the company, the management team easily chose Macedonia as investment destination because of the excellent conditions it offers, especially infrastructure, economy and available resources.

-I want to emphasize that the BARRACUDA FX are really excited about the opening of our center here in Macedonia. Several times we were here, thanks to Invest in Macedonia, Deputy Prime Minister, we were encouraged by what we have seen, both from technological and professional perspectives. The infrastructure of the economy shows that there are going massive growth, the economy is improving, universities produce highly qualified staff, and candidates with whom we encounter are satisfied with what we saw. At the end for us it was easy decision to come here and we are really happy. We look to it to foster relations with Macedonia and I think lot of companies will follow this example. From trade and technological perspective, this will be really exciting place to work. We are in business that develops the careers of people and we are here not only for using people, but we want to develop people who will work and will be loyal to the BARRACUDA. We hope to develop really strong company here in Macedonia, with good people, led by Mr. Bujar Bivolaku, director of the operational unit in Macedonia.

He especially thanked the Vice Peshevski and Mr. Klement for their help and cooperation, without which he added, would not have made the decision.

Barracuda FX is relatively new company. Located in Dublin, but has representative office in London. Delivers software services to world renowned financial banks and institutions, and has won prestigious international awards.

Research center opened in Skopje will be situated in “Soravia” and the planned one million euro will be invested in equipment.