Continued capital investment in villages- solving decades long problems of the citizens

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Construction of local roads, water supply systems, sewage systems, schools, sports halls and pitches are just some of the projects that in the last period realized in rural areas in all municipalities in the country that significantly improved living conditions in rural areas and which meet the basic needs of residents and their requirements for solving their problems.


This type of investment is particularly welcomed by citizens in municipalities with smaller annual budget, where with the financial resources of the Government and dedicated work by the mayors realized number of projects.

Municipality Resen for years faced financial problems created by the former local government led by SDSM and in recent years introduced  number of projects for the settlements in Prespa.

-Larger number of local roads were built and reconstructed in the past 2 years, starting from the villages Grnchari, Stenje, Jankovec – Monastery of St. Nichola, Podmochani Prespa Cross, Drmeni- Lavci, Grnchari – Monastery St. Elijah, Krani-Arvati, Ljubojno – Brajcino. Construction of sewerage systems in villages of Dolna and Gorna Bela Crkva, in Nakolec and planned interventions of this type in parts of the town of Resen and Jankovec are part of our contribution towards improving the living conditions in our community, said on Sunday Mayor Djoko Strezovski.

And with this kind of investment, in addition to investments in Prespa is extended in the future, announced during the visit in Resen, the Prime Minister Gruevski.

– Ongoing is the second phase of reconstruction of the local road from the junction Makazi – Markova Noga at the exit of the village towards the village Ljubojno towards  Brajcino. Currently is ongoing the reconstruction of the road interchange Makazi- Markova Noga to Krani and Arvati. In the final stages is the building local road from the village Grnchari to Sveti Ilija. Through the Public Enterprise for State Roads will be performed the complete lighting of traffic interchanges Pretor-Asamati-Kurbinovo and crossing Nakolec-Dolno Dupenit-Ljubojno. This year will begin the complete reconstruction of the water supply system Resen – Jankovec, worth about 600,000 euro and of great importance for the region, said the Prime Minister during his visit to Resen.

Investments of this kind are notable in our villages and villages near Demir Hisar, where over the years the Government and the municipality implemented projects in a number of rural areas.

-We did water supplying system in Strugovo, the road from Suvodol to the monastery Virgin Mary, the local road Strugovo-Zagoriche, last year was reconstructed the road for village Brezovo, last year we reconstructed the road from Radovo to Monastery St.Atanasij in the village Sopotnica, late last year conducted the reconstruction of several streets in the village Sloeshtica, two weeks ago we completed the reconstruction of the road from Demir Hisar for Buchim through villages Barakovo Edinakovci and Sveta, multipurpose playground within the school “Goce Delchev” said Gruevski in Demir Hisar.

Similar is the situation in the settlements in the municipality Debarca. We are about to beginning the construction of waste water collector, which will link villages Gorenci, Trebenishta, Volino and Mesheishta and Mayor Igor Trajkovski emphasized part of the already implemented projects in settlements in this municipality in the past period.

-Reconstruction of mini football fields (Volino, Botun, Gorenci and building new in village Orovnik), we have reconstructed playground for big football in village Zlesti. Streets were paved through most of the villages, asphalted road to the school in village Slivovo. Renovated school in village Trebenishta and built new mounting school in village Volino. Constructed new Balloon Hall in Trebenishta. Renovated the cultural home in villahe Mesheishta, said Mayor of Debarca Igor Trajkovski, who announced that the final stage is the approval of projects for the construction of sewerage networks in village Leshani and village Velmej with the water treatment plant in village Grko Pole.

According to announcements by representatives of government institutions and local governments, the implementation of this type of projects will continue in future, since they represent the improvement of the quality of life in rural areas and assist the needs and requirements of citizens.