Mandatory reporting of damages in Tetovo, necessary photo documentation and confirmation

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Within the activities for specific, practical and efficient recovery from the impact of the storm, which earlier this week swept wider region of Tetovo, the Department of Interior Affair Tetovo informs citizens that the storm caused some damage to their property (houses, ancillary buildings, motor vehicles, agricultural plantations, equipment, etc.), suffered damages compulsory to report to the nearest police station or department.


-The report of the damages of citizens is necessary to be properly photo documented, namely to ascertain the actual condition and late to issue a valid document (certificate) from AIA Tetovo to the injured, it is said in the statement.

Without reporting of the damages and on site identification of all details about it, citizens will not be able to be provided with such certificates.

Citizens should report any of the damage from the storm to the nearest police station or Department to avoid any misunderstandings or possible omissions and later flaws.