Diesel cheaper by 1.5 MKD, gasoline more expensive by half

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As of today the Diesel is sold by cheaper price by 1.5 MKD, while the price for petrol went up by half MKD, wrote MIA.


The new price for Eurosuper BS-95 is 71.50 MKD per liter, while Eurosuper BS-98 is 73.50 MKD per liter.

EURODIESEL retail price will be 53.50 MKD per liter and extra light household oil 42 MKD. The price of oil is reduced and is 26.3 MKD per kilogram.

The average price of crude oil on the world market was 58.6 dollars per barrel, and the MKD exchange rate against the dollar is 55.66 MKD per dollar.