Exchange with Greece without significant problems

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Macedonian companies have not experienced major problems in cooperation with Greek companies, although they say exchange is ongoing in difficult circumstances, which could result in lowering the order volume due to the country’s economic situation, said Economic Chamber of Macedonia CEO Jelisaveta Georgieva on Thursday.


A meeting focusing on the current problems in cooperation with Greek companies was held at ECM, attended by companies from the food, metal, energy, construction, and tourism industries. The goal is to obtain more comprehensive information over possible problems, as well as come to an agreement over future coordinated activities in the bilateral business cooperation.

Greece has continually been among Macedonia’s top five trading partners. Exchange in the first five months of 2015 has reached US$ 272,6 million, which represents a 28.7-percent drop compared to the same period in 2014.

Meeting participants agreed the outcome of the Greek talks with the EU, ECB and IMF in the coming days will be crucial for the future operations of the country’s banks and implementation of required reforms.

The ECM will continue to monitor the situation and regularly hold similar meetings, in order to undertake steps if problems arise in the meantime.

“If necessary, we will also hold meetings with the ministries of economy, finance and foreign affairs, as well as the Customs Administration”, said ECM.