Government debt of Greece is 177.1 percents, Macedonia has 36 percents

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Macedonia unlike Greece remains fourth least indebted country in Europe and in the region with total government debt of 36 percents and 43.6 percents of the public debt.


By comparison, government debt of Greece is 177.1 percents and is for 141.1 percents points higher than government debt to Macedonia.

Unlike our southern neighbor, which did not managed on time to service its debt to the IMF, Macedonia prematurely repaid debt to this renowned international institution. In February, Macedonia prematurely paid debt to the IMF in the amount of 174 million dollars by reducing the level of state and public debt by 1.7 percentage points.

Proof that Macedonia is the fourth lowest indebted country in the region is the recently published data by Eurostat on the average level of government debt of the EU zone countries. According to these data, the average government debt in EU zone countries is 91.9 percents and is 55.9 percentage points higher than government debt of Macedonia.

Confirmation of stable level of debt this year, Macedonia received by the reputable credit rating agencies Standard & Poor’s and Fitch.

Unlike Macedonia, the credit rating agency “Fitch” again yesterday cut Greece’s credit rating to CC.