As of today cheaper electricity

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Electricity prices for end users are set to drop 0.33% as of Wednesday, it has been announced.


The decision was announced on Tuesday by the Energy Regulatory Commission after holding a preparatory meeting in which it reviewed reports by energy companies.

Speaking at a news conference, REC president Dimitar Petrov said the price reduction came as a result of low costs and decreasing revenues of companies.

ELEM with 50.6%, EVN with 44.16% and MEPSO with 5.24% will have the highest participation in the end price.

Petrov said the companies had remarks regarding the methodology, which as a result could be changed in the coming period.

“According to them, the methodology fails to recognize all of their overall costs. We, the Commission, agree that the practical application of the methodology maybe should be changed in order to correspond with our conditions of the electricity market,” Petrov said.

Citizens will receive electricity bills with the new price in August.