Measures to overcome the problem with placement of vegetables

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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management today will present measures, which should be undertaken for the producers of vegetables.


Agriculture Minister Mihail Cvetkov, Deputy Economy Minister Hristijan Delev and Director of the Agency for Financial Aid Biljana Vukovic met on Thursday with vegetable producers from Stip, Karbinci and Sveti Nikole aimed at surpassing the problems that they are facing with the placement of their products.

Cvetkov pointed out that the problem with the placement of Macedonian tomatoes is that season for production was delayed for 20 days due to bad weather, and that’s why there is a great competition of production in countries where we are exporting.

Vukovic said that the Agency for Financial Aid of Agriculture will undertake two measures for hyper production of tomatoes thus helping the Macedonian producers.

Delev said that they make efforts with companies to purchase part of the tomatoes, but also discuss ways how to activate the domestic food processing industry, which will process large quantity tomatoes