Increased number of institutions that issue documents at a single window

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As of December, citizens can obtain majority of services provided by state institutions at a single window, said Minister of Information Society and Administration Ivo Ivanovski at Tuesday’s press conference on the Interoperability System.


“The entire hardware equipment has arrived, and the Government has approved the next batch of services that citizens can obtain at a single window”, said Ivanovski.

He visited the Registry Books Office, which is most used by institutions and citizens, annually issuing 350,000 documents.

“Nineteen institutions will be networked in December, where citizens can get 99 percent of services at a single window”, added Ivanovski.

Citizens will be able to get all e-documents in the institutions involved in the project, including the Employment Service Agency, the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund, Health Insurance Fund, Basic Court 2, Administrative Court, Agency for Real Estate Cadastre, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy etc.

Minister Ivanovski said the next stage of the project would be delivery of e-documents for all Macedonian citizens worldwide