Philipp Mißfelder: The opposition destroy the negotiations in Brussels!

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The actions of the opposition to boycott Parliament are unacceptable for Europe, Philipp Mißfelder, CDU/CSU foreign policy spokesman in the Bundestag and a member of the Bundestag’s foreign relations committee told Sitel TV. He is one of the eight highest placed politicians in the party of the current German Chancellor. According to him, the present domestic political struggle undermines the reputation of the state and therefore it requires a political agreement.


“Mr. Hahn puts huge efforts to reach an agreement and I believe that both sides should reach an agreement. Macedonia has achieved great success in the field of economy especially if compared to other countries, for example to Greece that economically does everything wrong while you act properly. Other issues are political reforms, it is significant the role of the media, freedom of speech, the judicial system, those are issues that concern Brussels, those are the fields where you need reforms and our sister party should implement reforms. But now Commissioner Hahn will have to find an agreement that will be accepted by both sides. I felt that we have reached that point but unfortunately the opposition has destroyed the efforts,” said Philipp Mißfelder, Member of the German Bindestag.