Stavreski: In period of three years unemployment is expected to drop to 22 percents

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Despite the politically situation in the country, continues the trend each quarter to decline unemployment. It is good and I believe will continue in the future, with our target is to reach 22 percents unemployment for period of three to three and a half years, said Vice Premier and Finance Minister Zoran Stavreski in interview with MRT.


The latest data from the state statistics show a decrease in unemployment. Now is stands at 27.3 percents. How do you comment the latest data of the State Statistics?

-Sure it is good trend of decreasing unemployment, recent data until the end of March show that continues the good tend, each quarter to decline unemployment, in circumstances where in Europe it has reverse movements. At the same time, the number of employees is increased. So, last year we had about 10,000 fewer unemployed and around 11,000 people were employed in the meantime. It is good figure for year in which in the second quarter, last year we had elections and in the first quarter of this year, there is political instability. These trends show that the private sector manages to create jobs. It is good and I believe will continue in the future, with our target is to reach 22 percents unemployment.

For which period?

I expect that to happen in the next 3 to 3 and a half years.

Whether and how government measures and new investments have contributed to reduce unemployment?

-Sure, the unemployment is not reduced accidently. It is the result of government policies that are essentially on two fronts. The first is to create good business climate and to maintain the same low taxes to attract foreign investors and to allow the domestic investors to expand their operations and create jobs. Over 13 thousand jobs are created in the free zones and tens of thousands of jobs in local companies. On the other hand, active policies of the government as second segment of solving the problem of unemployment are important, there are number of implemented projects in the past years, mainly for self-employment project, the new project “Macedonia employs” and many other projects that the Agency for Employment implements in order targeted groups to improve conditions for their involvement in the production process. Only with the project Macedonia employs in less than one month are engaged more than 1,600 people in conditions when there is still some cramp at the private sector due to the current political situation, so that through this project I believe we will reach the target of 20 thousand jobs, and through other projects and active measures that we will be able to supplement what on the other side will be realized through economic growth and the involvement of workers in domestic and foreign companies, said Stavreski.