Information about the project “Macedonia employs” night before TC Biser

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The Employing Macedonia program will be presented on Tuesday at the Biser mall in the capital Skopje. The program offers companies who hire employees from a large number of vulnerable categories to avoid paying the healthcare and retirement taxes for up to five years. The program, that begun a months ago, applies for workers hired one year after in was initiated, and this is the reason why the Employment Agency is promoting it aggressively to companies that plan to increase their work-rolls.


About 1.600 people were hired in the past month under the program, which applies to long term unemployed persons, those older than 58 or younger than 35 and to a host of categories in between such as single parents and veterans. The benefits apply if companies keep their workers for at least one year, paying full taxes, after the period during which they be freed from the hefty taxes that go to the retirement and healthcare fund