Donation of USA for Customs Administration and Border Police

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United States Deputy Chief of Mission Bart Putney, Customs Administration Director General Natasha Radeska-Krstevska, Border Police Chief Marinko Kochovski, EXBS Regional Advisor George Clarke, and other officials will attend an equipment donation ceremony and equipment demonstration at the Blace border crossing on Tuesday.


The United States Embassy’s Export Control and Related Border Security (EXBS) Program facilitated the equipment donation to the Border Police and the Customs Administration.

The equipment, which is valued at $212,000 USD, is comprised of an X-ray scanning system, radiation detection devices, interdiction equipment, flashlights, handcuffs, lithium batteries, and a thermal imaging camera.

This donation will enhance the ability of the Macedonian Border Police and Customs Administration to conduct professional border control and border crossings point operations. It will also increase the capabilities of the two border agencies in conducting border surveillance and patrolling, mobile and interdiction operations, combating cross-border crime and terrorism, radiation detection, identifying weapons of mass destruction, and running primary and secondary inspections at the border crossings points