Approved 5079 vouchers for tablets to students

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Today awarded 296 vouchers for the purchase of tablets with keyboard for students by the authorized Commission on revision of the requirements and submitted data.


So far are approved vouchers for 5079 students, out of which 3,200 have uploaded vouchers faculties.

– About 1,900 have not yet obtained the vouchers and I would appeal to them as soon as possible to collect the vouchers and to use them until June 25 and to purchase tablet with keyboard, said Minister of Information Society and Administration, Ivo Ivanovski during his visit to the company whose Setek, whose offer for tablets so far have been chosen by one third of the students who received vouchers.

Analysis of requirements and applications will continued with the goal that all students who are eligible to receive voucher.

– We will continue to do additional analysis and if there are errors, as determined previously only by data in personal identification numbers and the students meet the quota, their parents income will be contacted further to be able to exercise their right for voucher , added Ivanovski.

According to Igor Kimovsk, one of the owners of “SETEK” students mostly choose tablet up to 8,000 MKD, same as the value of the voucher. – For that amount they can really buy good products from the premium class. Tablets can be taken for much lower price i.e. 2,000 to 3,000 MKD, but for this amount can be taken premium brand with excellent quality and image, said Kimovsk.

Government project for granting vouchers is support for students and IT companies. There is huge interest and so far, over 1,000 students took advantage of the voucher and bought tablets from SETEK. We hope that in future we will continue such projects as it is serious support for students, said Kimovsk.

Students can purchase tablet in any of the 52 IT companies selected through call for this purpose published by MISA and whose names are published on the website of

Vouchers for tablets with external keyboard are designed for students from third and fourth year students, registered as disabled persons at any year of study in the academic year 2014/2015, at the higher education institutions in Macedonia, who come from families with gross income is not exceeding 32,741 euro.