The new factories Veles returns primacy of industrial city

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Factory “Marquardt” is doing the final preparations before the start of the production process. Recently started construction of two factories in the industrial zone Karaslari.


Marquardt factory in the industrial zone Karaslari isworking on the final preparations for the official start of the production process. More than 100 employees have already started with regular work in the factory.

Marquardt employs about 600 people, which significantly affects the economic revival of the city. The employed people so far, are professionally trained in the Marquardt plants in Germany and Romania, where they draw knowledge for professional and successful start of production in Karaslari. Administrative workers are already accommodated in the premises of the factory.

-The premises that we municipality have gave to the Marquardt company temporarily to accommodate the leadership are returned yesterday with Letter of gratitude and overall administration is completely withdrew at the factory and from there they perform all activities designed with the manufacturing process i.e. employment of  workers, the overall arrangement of the factory environment, highlight Slavcho Chadiev, Mayor of Veles.

The intensive job creation continues with the construction of several factories in the industrial zone Karaslari. German company “Japone” that will produce medical devices is in the final phase before the start of construction of the factory.

-Within 2 months they should submit documents, to pay utilities and begin construction, but you can see just before Markart, Hemomak Pesticides has already set the foundations, first pillars are pulled forward and expect very quickly the process to be finished and the facility to be ready, says Chadiev.

Five industrial zones are accommodated near Veles. Rechani 1 and 2 and Uzuz 1 and 2 are completely filled. Karaslari is sold out and we are working on the development of the sixth industrial zone Mamutchevo. With this momentum, Veles slowly returns primacy of economic developed industrial city.