Conference “Developed municipalities – stronger economy”

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Union of Chambers of Commerce (UCC) in cooperation with the Association of Local Self-Government of the Republic of Macedonia (ZELS) within the BPC SEE program today in Skopje organizes conference on “Developed municipalities – stronger economy.”


At the event should address Danela Arsovska, president of the Union of Chambers of Commerce, Vlatko Popovski, director of the Agency for Employment and Dushica Perishihc, Executive Director of ZELS.

According to organizers, the main objective of the conference is to facilitate effective cooperation between municipalities, civil society and the business community, in order to accelerate economic development and creating favorable conditions for doing business and investing. Cooperation between municipalities and the business community will result in higher degree of cooperation between the public and private sector, foreign and domestic businessmen, local and central government, in order to have balanced regional development and improvement of economic relations.

During the conference will be hold debate on “The needs of the business sector for more efficient functioning of the municipalities” which will bring together the presidents of branch chambers and members of the Management Board in SNS, representatives of Chambers of Commerce and business associations in the country and Mayors of municipalities in Macedonia. It will be executed and presentation of successful examples of business certification municipality as prerequisite for attracting investment.