Greeks angry on Stoltenberg because he said Macedonia

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Diplomatic gaffe of NATO Secretary General, today Greek media write about yesterday’s address by Jens Stoltenberg at joint meeting of the foreign ministers and defense ministers of the EU when he has used the constitutional name of our country.


The Greek delegation composed of the Foreign Minister Nikos Kodzias and Defense Minister Panos Kamenos immediately reacted, and the Permanent Representative of Greece to NATO will send protest note to the Secretary General.

“Proto Thema” ironically notes that few days after he hugged Kodzias played and sang “We are the world”, Stoltenberg four times call Skopje Macedonia.

Greece also recalls that Stoltenber statement comes just day after former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright during conference at the Johns Hopkins University in Washington, also used the constitutional name – Macedonia.

– The name issue now is the smallest trouble, and all the way everyone uses the name Macedonia, report Greek media the Albright’s statement.

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