Ivanovski: From June 30 drastically lower roaming prices

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Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina have managed to establish their own regulatory market and will introduce lower roaming prices as of June 30, said Minister of Information Society and Administration Ivo Ivanovski on Monday.


Roaming prices for telephone conversations will drop by 73 percent, while mobile internet roaming prices by 90 percent. Moreover, prices for text messages will drop from MKD 12.3 (EUR 0.2) to MKD 5.6 (EUR 0.09).

A three-day international conference, organized by the Agency for Electronic Communication, is held in Macedonia, focusing on regulation of electronic communications, regulatory measures, stimulating the development of new technologies, as well as new services for beneficiaries.

Minister Ivanovski said Macedonia and its neighboring states have managed to reach an agreement over the roaming tariff ahead of the European Union.

“The EU has still not managed to harmonize the roaming tariff for all 28 member-states, while Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina have done this. As of June 30, Macedonian citizens will pay much lower prices for roaming services when traveling to these countries”, said Ivanovski.

The conference started with a meeting of representatives of regulatory bodies in Serbia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Finland, Turkey, Croatia, Romania, Cyprus, Moldova, Belgium, Albania, Kosovo, International Telecommunication Union, Body of European Regulators of Electronic Communications, ICT industry in Macedonia etc

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