Interior Ministry confirmed: The killed leaders of terrorists – Commanders Nato and Begu, detained commander Skoli

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After the completion of autopsy of the bodies of dead terrorists, Interior Ministry through Department for international police cooperation – Interpol launched the procedure to establish their identity and so far has been confirmed the identity of two of the persons who are foreign nationals.


This today was announced by Assistant Minister for Public Relations at Interior Ministry, Ivo Kotevski.

-It is Mirsad Ndrecaj born on June 17 1979 in Kosovo known as Commander Nato, person whom is suspected as one of the leaders of the terrorist group. The second person for whom is obtained certificate for identity is Rijzi Beg, known as Commander Begu born on December 25 1977 in Kosovo. Also, it is one of the leaders of the terrorist group, said Kotevski.

He added that is confirmed the identity of the third person, it is Nusret Kaloshi who is Macedonian citizen.

Kotevski points out that through Interpol is obtained confirmation of the identity of one of the detained person. It is Sashi Ukshini alias Commander Sokoli. There is ongoing process of identifying of other persons who are suspected that are not Macedonian citizens.

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