HOTAM reacts: Protests and Zaev scenario are deteriorating for tourism

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Dark scenario of SDSM started to give negative consequences, and first on the list are found businessmen and hoteliers.


The impact of the current political situation has already started to reflect negatively on the tourism industry, and only in recent days booking of foreign tourists to visit Skopje has dropped by more than 50%.

The reduction of tourists will result in reduction in income, and the consequences would affect all citizens of the Republic of Macedonia.

– Current political situation in the country is not satisfactory, especially from the perspective that we still have tourist season and we need to use it in the best way. Also if one season is spoiled, following seasons will not return to the same level, it will takes long time to return, said Krsto Blazhevski, president of the Hotel Association of Macedonia.

If there is no peaceful resolution of the political situation and we have violent protests that will present Macedonia in bad light, will reduce the country’s reputation abroad and foreign tourists will start canceling arrangements.

The latest macroeconomic data of the Central Bank forecast economic growth this year are 4.1% and 4.5% for 2016. Yet, Governor Dimitar Bogov underlined the possibility of risk that is related to the political environment, which if continued in the long term may have negative effect on this accomplishment.

Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski at yesterday’s visit to news on Sitel warned that perhaps the positive economic growth of Macedonia does not fit to someone and therefore initiated such gloomy scenarios.

He added that for the next 2016 the European Commission forecast are same, again Macedonia with 3.9% would have high economic growth compared to all countries in Europe.

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