Six police officers were hospitalized with serious injuries, 38 injured people

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Minister of Interior Affairs Gordana Jankulovska said that during yesterday’s violent protests in the most brutal way was attacked police and citizens witnessed the most shameful act of downloading and tearing of the state flag of the Republic of Macedonia.


-Citizens of Republic of Macedonia during yesterday evening and witnessed the violent, aggressive demonstrations that resulted with police officers injured, demolition of vehicles, burning of containers, destruction of public property, which has caused great damage. Citizens witnessed the brutal slope on police officers with paving bricks, metal bars, stones. Citizens of the Republic of Macedonia yesterday witnessed the most shameful act of downloading and tearing the flag of the Republic of Macedonia masts on the part of the demonstrators, who interfere with national characteristics, said Jankulovska.

At the violent protests are injured 38 uniformed police officers, out of which 6 with serious injuries were hospitalized.

-30 people protesters were detained; two of them are minors and were released after questioning. Twelve other persons who participated in the protests have been identified and we are searching for them. Up to this point, one civilian was received with injuries at MOB “September 8”, which stated that it was physically attacked before the Government, said Jankulovska.

One person of those protesting, she added, is taken to the Clinical Center of Toxicology Clinic drunk after what was taken into police custody.

The protest, she said, began around 18:10 when before the Government gathered group of about 50 people, which soon organized and joined other citizens.

-In one point several people, most girls climbed over the security fence in front of the building, with intention to enter the Government. Following their example, many of the assembled citizens who were behind fences in mass began to jump and reached up to ten meters from the front door of the Government, where were prevented to enter. In the period from 18:30 to 19:30 by the group of citizens that was on the stairs initiated several violent incidents and disrupted public order. Repeatedly with paving slabs, rocks, bottles, eggs, tomatoes and other objects throw on the uniformed police officers as well as the building of the Government, and were taken down the state flags from flagpoles, explained the Minister.

By responsible officer, as pointed Jankuloska was given verbal order peacefully and without disturbance to disperse the collected mass, but the order was not complied and the mass again began to throw objects. After this by uniformed police officers accessed at suppressing mass and establishing impaired public piece and order and mass was directed towards bul. “St. Kliment Ohridski” to cathedral, bul. “Partizanski Odredi” and bul. “Ilinden” in the direction towards the fountain in City Park.

Seven official vehicles and equipment, 22police  shields, 5helmets, vest, leg shields and radio. Besides damage is damaged the facade of Government of Republic of Macedonia, and was demolished the glass of private medium, the object of Radio Slobodna Makedonia.

The Minister appealed to the media that possess photos of yesterday’s protests to deliver them to MIA in order to facilitate identification of bullies.

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