Macedonia Makes Utmost Efforts to Deal with False Asylum Seekers

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The Interior Ministry and all other relevant institutions in the Republic of Macedonia are making utmost efforts in an attempt to address the so called wave of asylum seekers i.e. to tackle the mounting number of illegal and false asylum seekers, said Interior Minister Gordana Jankuloska on Thursday.

All of these activities, she noted, are carried out in coordination and in contact with those countries that are affected the most. “However, we are aware that the issue involving mechanisms to control the increased number of asylum seekers in general for all countries in the world, not only for Western Balkan countries, is a legitimate issue which needs to be discussed by the EU members.”

“I personally believe it would be wrong to make such a radical step against any of the countries that have obtained visa liberalisation, because definitely the visa liberalisation is the greatest benefit for Macedonian citizens derived from the EU integration process thus far,” Jankuloska stated.

As a result, the Minister added, we are entirely dedicated to deal with the issue.

Asylum seekers from Macedonia fall in the group of persons who will be not taken into consideration for granting asylum in any of the countries in Western Europe. Most likely, they will be deported to Macedonia where they will face the consequences.

Recently the MoI, Jankuloska underscored, resolved several cases of finding the persons who promised that asylum could be granted in some Western European countries.

“Similar activities are underway. People will be brought before justice not only for breaking the laws, but also for threatening the right of over two million inhabitants for free movement,” Minister Jankuloska urged.

EU justice and home affairs ministers today are debating the wave of asylum seekers from Western Balkan states at a meeting in Luxembourg, upon a request by several EU member states, including France and Germany.

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