Ivanov to Rompuy: We Don’t Want Privileges, But Same Criteria as the Other Countries

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The President of the Republic of Macedonia Gjorge Ivanov, on the occasion May 9th – Europe Day, sent a letter to the President of the European Council, Herman van Rompuy, congratulating and wishing prosperity of the European Union and our mutual home – Europe.

-By marking the 20th anniversary form the signing of the Contract for the European Union, I believe that we should remind ourselves of the promises engraved in the historical Maastricht Treaty. Two decades ago, the European leadership confirmed its devotion to the freedom principles, democracy, human rights and fundamental freedom, as well as domination of the justice, while in the same time trying to deepen the solidarity between the nation and respecting their history, culture and tradition. In the past decades, these ideals brought peace, hope and unity on our continent, on the Southeastern region and Republic of Macedonia with its multiethnic and multilingual society.

Knowing the power of the European idea for reconciliation and consolidation, President Ivanov expresses gratitude for the support and guidance provided by the EU for the Republic of Macedonia on its way to European integration. In his letter, he puts accent on the Declaration for Europe signed by the founders of United Europe in 1951, which says „this Europe remains open for all states that join her common efforts“.

-I would like to assure you that besides the numerous and unjustified obstacles, the Macedonian citizens remain dedicated in fulfilling the dream for membership in the advanced European family and nations. I expect to see the day when my country becomes a full member state, with shared rights and obligations. I strongly believe that in the forthcoming period we will be able to start negotiations for EU membership. In this process, we don’t want privileges, but the same criteria that are applied for other member states of the Union. This will benefit not only my country, but the region and Europe, says Ivanov in the letter for congratulation.

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