Jankulovska: It is necessary to track threats from terrorism on time

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Nowadays Balkan countries, and many others around the world, are facing a growing risk due to an emerging ‘phenomenon’ – foreign fighters. The complexity of this phenomenon, which is motivating people from the region to join terrorist and extremist paramilitary formations, underscores the need to detect it, take adequate preventative activities and monitor any terrorist threats.


This was stated by Interior Minister Gordana Jankuloska in her address at a conference dedicated to the phenomenon of foreign terrorist fighters entitled “Preventing Radicalization, and Combating Terrorism in the Balkan Region”, taking place Wednesday in Belgrade, MoI said in a press release.

The conference, organized by the Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs and the US Embassy in Belgrade, brings together interior ministers from Balkan countries.

According to operative information, nearly 100 Macedonian nationals are believed to have fought in Syria and Iraq since the summer of 2012. Of those, 15 have died, Jankuloska stated. “What is raising concern is that jihadists upon their return might be involved in terrorist activities in their countries, in transit countries and even in third countries,” she said adding that they might also play a vital role in indoctrinating, recruiting and sending new fighters.

“Being faced with these security risks, the countries in the region including Macedonia, are constantly upgrading their normative and institutional capacities and taking necessary measures to improve border control, identify potential terrorists and eliminate their financing,” Jankuloska noted saying the Macedonian MoI was prepared for a closer and more intensive regional cooperation to curb this phenomenon in the fight against terrorism.

Later in the day, Minister Jankuloska is expected to meet her Serbian counterpart Nenad Stefanovic and Bulgaria’s Deputy Interior Minister Filip Gunev, MoI said

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