Shop owners say: The GTC needs urgent reconstruction

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City shopping center urgently needs reconstruction to restore their shine. Less important is what will be the layout, say shop owners at the oldest shopping center. talk with some of them and almost all are unanimous that now there comes only those who need to complete some work, but not for shopping and pleasure.


When one visits it, there really nothing to see, wind blows from all sides, grass has grown on the part of the roof, at parts there is no ceiling construction, and in many locales, especially on the second floor, there is inscription “Renting.”

– Trade Center sinks for long time. Most important is to be closed and air conditioned and be comfortable for walking in summer and in winter. I can understand the controversy lead by the outside appearance, but nobody talks about its reconstruction inside – said one of the owners, who for many years has boutique in GTC.

When you make stroll down the mall you cannot but notice missing part of the ceiling at the ground floor, grass growing on roof, sliding scales that often do not work, black walls of the basement at the park lots, writes the Telegraph.

In such conditions, the facility operates only until 19-20h and in the evening, there isno living soul there.

Shop owners say they cannot understand how comes prices for rents instead of decreasing for years remains the same. Thus, renting a shop on the second floor costs thousand euro, those on the first floor cost 1,500 euro, but, again, renting shop on the ground floor, where the frequency of people is greatest, can reach up to 2,000 euro.

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