SDSM and SOROS abuse students to achieve their political agenda

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The main opposition SDSM is harassing and abusing minors for protests and achieving their political goals.


And at today’s high school students protest they came organized with buses from municipalities where SDSM is in power, as are Kumanovo and Strumica. This is classic party abuse of children and students and open series of questions.


With transporting the students from Strumica and Kumanovo it is clear that the transport is paid service, which high school students themselves cannot pay, which is clear indication that this is politically motivated gathering.


Why is necessary to abuse of children for petty political points and who will compensate the lost hours at high school, remains dilemma.


The active plenums act as extended hand of SDSM and clearly SDSM is behind this gathering especially after all the requirements of high school students were previously met.



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