Gjorchev: Those who verified the result 500: 0 at ballotbox, now are explaining what are fair and democratic elections

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The Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, all these years, with its policies, its steps, his responsibility was with citizens of Gostivar and now when he attacked and subject to defamatory information, citizens of Gostivar are with Nikola Gruevski, same as all over the Republic of Macedonia.


This was stated by the MP Vlatko Gjorchev before the attendees of the debate in Gostivar held yesterday.

-I remember and you remember, in the 2004 when the presidential elections were held for which we had second round. The results in the second round of the broader region of Gostivar were 500:0, 700:0, 400:0, 450:0 at one ballot box … and now those who verified results 500:0 at one ballot box will tell us what were fair and democratic elections, asked Gjorchev.

That week, he recalled, in Tetovo came observers of VMRO-DPMNE and testified they have been expelled from polling places, had guns on their heads, threatened with automatic weapons.

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