Stavreski: We will not allow anyone to play with the stability of the state

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In these debates we want to show that we are with people even at time when irresponsible opposition created situation that nobody wants. We will not allow nobody to play with the stability of the state and to question its safety. Top officials and all institutions control the situation and act decisively against those who want to disrupt.


This was stated by the member of the Executive Committee of VMRO-DPMNE and the Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister Zoran Stavreski at lastnight’s debate in Gostivar.

Stavreski, talking about the current situation, said that is not the first time when SDSM is in opposition to transfer their problems and the inability from the party to the state.

We are here to convey the message that citizens have to be wise and they should be united. It is important to possess the wisdom to evaluate the condition. As long as people are united and while are standing behind us, we will lead the state and Macedonia will remain stable and secure, said Stavreski.

He reminded on the election defeat, which as he said are support from the people for the policies that are lead by the Government and implemented projects.

The truth according Stavreski is not created on the basis of telephone conversations.

When we speak about the truth, it cannot be created based on telephone conversations that are obtained illegally and who knows how they are designed. Citizens are not interested in who is thinking what for the other and their telephone conversations, but who and what have done to improve their lives, who opened 130 thousand new jobs and who wrote-off their debts and many other projects. To the twenty bombs from opposition we responded with 60 new measures in favor of the people, said Stavreski.

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