Spasov: The dark scenarios will not prevent us to realize the promises

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Dime Spasov, Minister of Labor and Social Policy before citizens of Gostivar talked about the positive effects of the measures that the Government has implemented in recent years, and that include all layers. Within the project for one-time writing-off of debts are written off are about one billion MKD for 9,500 people, out of which in Gostivar are over seven hundred.


– If with the measures for employment of young people8 thousands people found work, now we have new challenge. The project “Macedonia employs” plans opening of new 20 thousand jobs, which will mean income and security for the same number of families, said Spasov.

Dark scenarios and destructive attempts, he said, will not prevent us in the the realization of the given word and promises within the program.

He underlined the new steps the Government for welfare rather than the promised five percents in July will be increased by double, ten percents.

MP Vlatko Gjorchev in his speech gave support to the policies of the Government as he said, they strengthen the economy and bring stability.

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