Naunovski: Tragi-comedy of Zaev is recognized, people did not allow discord

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Black scenario of SDSM and Zaev caused greatest damage to the international reputation of the country. Macedonians have shown that they will not allow anti-Macedonian actions by which blew up the idea to make quarrel. Waiting for judicial decision for the case “Putsch”, in terms of political decision SDSM need radically to change their party leadership through elections, not violent try to come to power.


These are the key points in an interview with the Courier professor and columnist Toni Naunovski.

We talked with him about the current political developments, “bombs” of Zoran Zaev, behavior of citizens, the idea for Albanian to be Prime Minister of Macedonia and the end of this fatal scenario.


Civil Movement for Defense of Macedonia received strong support from the Macedonian public. Naunovski sat down with experts, historians, actors and journalists and sent to all, powerful message- that people will not allow anyone to do harm to our country.

What is the purpose of this movement, which is the public response before are- What and who defend Macedonia from?

-I and my friends after the initial shock after being announced and presented relatively speaking, first and second bomb we came to the conclusion in our discussions that we agree with several key positions, and that are the views that this way is illegitimate and illegal attempt to take power, not through elections, the only way to come to power and our resistance to it to surrender sovereignty to some foreign intermediaries who will come here and make changes to the laws and constitution and so on. We talked and spontaneously decided to present our views. At the beginning it was not clear what is and how it is, and we went to many places around the country and tell them our views. We are intellectuals, despite agreeing to the points of the analysis of this affair, we have specific differences in our opinion, it is quite legitimate. Of course, the price that I paid personally I was so small compared to the blood that was shed by our ancestors for this country, said Naunovski.


Recently you said: “As the days pass they become nervous and make bigger bad sessions in terms of comedy. They began inside their anti-Macedonian mind to form government with Albanian Prime Minister. I wonder to that their mind, as in Macedonia govern and rule Macedonians, not the Albanians.”

-Wait a bit, first of all Albanian for Prime Minister can be in Albania, there can be in Macedonia! This is the Republic of Macedonia, state of the Macedonian people, and of course the minority but in the Constitution. Constitution has two parts: one that is constitutive in terms of legality, legal part, the civil part, but there are things that are said historical, national origin of the state. Therefore, the difference between the Macedonian people and parts of peoples living in the country is absolutely maintained. When I heard this crazy idea, I first exploded in laughter, but then tried to come up with reasons and essence of those who promoted this idea very heavily in public. I concluded that, not to mention names their names, but this kind of thinking in some Macedonians makes me wonder. I cannot understand how it is possible for someone to offer the position of Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia, the state of the Macedonian people to be Albanian. First, in Macedonia there are people living in Macedonia, and belonging to the Albanian minority in Macedonia. The terminology is not good. Albanians live in Albania, Macedonia Albanians live with Macedonian citizenship i.e. they are members of the Albanian national minority in Macedonia, said in  interview for Kurir Professor.


Black Monday must never be repeated, says Naunovski. It was another example when someone set off violently to win the institution. Two crowds, one led by Crvenkovski and Zaev. SDSM, said Naunovski perhaps planned now same scenario.

– In this sense, there was very terrible day. That day was Black Monday when crowd Macedonians went to violent conquest of state institution. I consider that day as one of the darkest days, not only in the new, but also in the overall history of Macedonia. Because there was danger Macedonians to be harmed by Macedonians, Macedonians attacked Macedonians. On the one side, supporters of VMRO-DPMNE, on the other hand supporters of SDSM, but unfortunately led by then opposition leader Crvenkovski. It was awful. Fortunately, the police then responded, fortunately for us Macedonians and our country, said Naunovski.

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