MCC: More money in companies with amendments to the Law on income tax

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On the initiative of the Union of Chambers of Commerce (MCC), was made a decision to amend the Law on income tax, where in 2014, the reinvested earnings of companies in 2013, will be considered as tax exemption, i.e. will not pay tax on all income, but only the difference, i.e. the nor re-invested profit, reports MIA.


– With this decision will remain certain assets in companies that can be used for development and investment, covering costs in operation and maintenance of current liquidity, said Dragan Mitkovski, Vice President of the Finance at UCC.

According to Mitkovski, UCC worked on this issue in cooperation and consultation with the Ministry of Finance and have reached a decision for legal amendment. The Department for public revenue has provided technical solution of the problem by inserting the form of income tax, which shall be submitted electronically.

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