From tomorrow on, students can apply for tablets

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Ministry of Information Society and Administration today announced the competition for companies from the IT sector who want to participate in the project tablets for students. Over the next day will be published call for students. Companies that qualify, can apply to the Ministry and to start attracting students to use their voucher, informed today Minister Ivo Ivanovski.


The conditions for participation in this announcement is the company to exist in the market for more than two years and have at least 3 employees.

Minister Ivanovski said that all those companies that meet these conditions will be able to contact the students to draw for students to use their vouchers.

-The analysis that we have made as Government for the price of tablets and which are the top requested tablets last year, shows that the amount of 8,000 denars is far better than what was most wanted tablet throughout 2014. A class of tablets in Macedonia in 2014 were imported 15,000 tablets, and only with this program that has the Government of the Republic Macedonia can offer 12,000 vouchers to students. That means ¾ of the market, which had the private sector all last year, we will implement it in 2 to 3 months, said Ivanovski.

In the A category of tablets include Asus, Lenovo, Accer, Samsung, and iPads 5 and in this category of tablets prices starts from 4,500 to 8,500 MKD.

Ivanovski said that with the implementation of this project is expected prices fall, because competition in the economy moving.

President of ICT chamber at the Chambers of Commerce, Sasha Ognenovski underlined that this action will contribute to increase in sales of IT equipment i.e. the tablets.

He pointed out that the Ministry of Information Society and Administration received information about how many students will get tablet, and the companies are already preparing to be ready to welcome the action.

For this project, the Government allocated 96 million MKD from the Budget.

Dejan Jakimovski one of the owners of the company “SET computers” expressed satisfaction with the project of the Government, as he said, the most vulnerable categories of students will receive free extra tablets and will help the IT industry and IT companies.

He pointed out that the students will have large supply of tablets and this time can afford class tablets.

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