German investor enters in Veles “Porcelanka” and will employ 1000 people!

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In Veles enters another foreign brown field investment. It is German company that will initially employ thousand workers, reports MRT.


Together with previous investments in Veles will be provided over 2,000 direct jobs. Indirect will be around 8 thousand.

-It will no more be vacant halls of the former “Porcelanka”. Here, the investment will realize new foreign investor. The name is not yet announced. What is known is that the investor comes from Germany. It will not be disclosed what will produce the announced thousand employees, reports MRT.

“The representatives of the company were in Veles, we talked, this is not the first time, it is obvious that Veles is interesting for investors,” said Slavcho Chadiev, mayor of Veles.

For two years, this is the third foreign investment in Veles. Markar, Japone and this investment will provide employment to 2,000 workers. Certificate that the municipality received for the best business environment gives results, economists say. Local economy is strengthened. The stakes are much higher than the number of new direct jobs.

“Knowing that job entails employing for four other people, it is sufficient indicator that in 2015 and 2016 will be drastically reduced the number of unemployed,” said Violeta Galeva economist.

About 8,000 citizens of Veles see solution to the problem of unemployment with these foreign investments.

“It is good, there will be hiring … Well, there is need for jobs,” said a citizens.

Unemployed people, despite the possibility to be employed in one of three foreign investment, and the next year they will have the opportunity to look for their existence in local companies that are building its production facilities in industrial zones “Rechani” and “Uzus 2”.

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