Jankulovska visited the new police training center in Idrizovo

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Interior Minister Gordana Jankuloska visited Monday 440 police officers, who are undergoing a basic training after being selected at MoI’s latest public job announcement.


The goal of the basic trainings for police officers, Jankuloska said, is potential candidates to learn the basics of police activities meaning that all those who will successfully complete the trainings are enabled to be hired as police officers.

Candidates during the 12-mounth course of the training will be subject to several modules, including service orientation, police ethics and functioning and the basic rules that regulate their jurisdiction, amongst others.

“As soon as the candidates complete the basic training for police officers, they will be enabled to conduct law-enforcement activities,” Minister Jankuloska stated adding that already a mentor had been assigned for every candidate.

Moreover, 3,273 people, including 2,703 men and 570 women, sent applications at the announcement for candidates for police officers that will perform working tasks on the territory of the City of Skopje.

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