Purchase of tablets for students from low-income families at the end of August

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Macedonian Information Society and Public Administration Minister Ivo Ivanovski announced that procurement for the new program to provide tablets to university students from low income homes begins in August. Under the plan, all students in third and fourth year of their university studies, whose households have incomes lower than the minimum wage, will be able to apply for a tablet and keyboard, which should help them close the gap with better off students.


Minister Ivanovski was speaking after he, and his deputy Marta Arsovska – Tomovska met with representatives of information and communications companies. Ivanovski said this new announcement, first made by Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski at the large rally on Sunday, will be part of a new push to provide 300.000 tablets to elementary and high schools. The large program expected to begin soon, comes after an earlier initiative to bring personal computers in most of the schools across the country.

“The first batches of tablets will be given to schools which haven’t got their computers yet. The tablets will also be used to phase out the computers, given that they become obsolete after five or six years”, Ivanovski said.

The Ministry is working with the private sector to prepare educational applications which will be used with the new tablets. Ivanovski held a number of meetings to ask Macedonian IT companies to be ready to help support his program, that should open a lot of business from them. “We hope this will stimulate the economy and the private sector”, Ivanovski said.

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