Unemployment has been reduced from 38% to 27.6% with 138,000 new jobs

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Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia, Nikola Gruevski, in his speech at yesterday’s meeting noted that from 2006 onwards the rate of unemployment noticed by VMRO-DPMNE at the beginning of the mandate that was about 38% now is reduced to 27.6%, and are opened over 138,000 jobs for the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia.


– In the same period, are open over 138,000 positions in foreign and domestic facilities in the private and public sector through active employment measures during very difficult period of global and European economic crisis. So, it is expected at the already announced and still unopened foreign investment to open new 13,000 direct jobs, and the operational plan for active employment measures for 2015 provides support for the opening of 8,500 jobs. The three companies who recently publicly announced investment in April we will sign the Agreement in which soon will start and some of them end up construction, one German and two Italian: Technical textile in Shtip with 600 jobs that will start in June, when Montand in Skopje will open the factory that will employ at least 400 people, and will start with 100 people and Diatek in Skopje with 200 jobs in the printing industry, said Gruevski. He noted that in two months from now, will begin construction of factories already announced by KSF in Kichevo with 1,000 people, Gentherm in Prilep where will be employed 2,000 people, ODV Electric in Ohrid and Struga with 1,000 people, and in this period will be signed contract with Costal in the same region with additional 1,000 new jobs.

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