Jankulovska: The suspected for espionage will never be patriots

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Interior Minister Gordana Jankulovska said today that after 15 years of conflict in 2001, there is attempted attack, an attempt to set a future of Macedonia.


Person suspected of espionage are not and will never be patriots. False patriots are discovered and prosecuted, and one of them has already been sentenced, said Jankulovska attending the celebration of the 34th anniversary of the unit for special tasks at MIA.

She suggested that the Tigers have respectable history and must always be at the top, and are part of those who were on the bumper for protecting the homeland and in 2001.

-In 2001 you were patriots. Today again, you are the patriots that are always on the bumper for protecting homeland as cannot be patriots those who instead of citizens, received support from outside, emphasized the Minister of Interior.

Unit commander Slavcho Petrushevski stressed that EST was always following the trend of elite units.

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