Gruevski-Stoltenberg: Membership in NATO is strong commitment of Macedonia and the Alliance

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NATO’s firm commitment to the Republic of Macedonia and the largest military-political organization of the world and even it was no Greek veto, the country would have long ago became member of the Alliance.


This is the conclusion of the meeting of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia Nikola Gruevski and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, held at the headquarters of NATO in Brussels, reports MIA.

According to the Prime Minister, at his first meeting with General Secretary Stoltenberg it was noted that Macedonia’s membership in NATO remains strong commitment and interest of the country and the Alliance. In that context, he said, both stressed the importance of the politics life of the open door policy of NATO.


Macedonian Prime Minister added that with NATO Secretary General also discussed the current political situation, the current challenges in this context he pointed out that as far within the opportunities and responsibilities of the Government, it would be in the most transparent, most clearly and in accordance with legal regulations and in this context is not expected that there will be problems.

Jens Stoltenberg, however, at the beginning of the press conference after the meeting, said that Macedonia is important partner for NATO and country aspiring for membership in NATO and that this organization is committed to the Macedonian road to full membership.

According to the successor of Anders Fogh Rasmussen, NATO integration, also requires tough reforms and courageous leadership, and in this regard, he welcomed Macedonia’s progress in reforming the defense sector, but that has challenges. In this context, Stoltenberg mentioned that NATO is following with concern the latest development of the political developments in Skopje and noted that progress in reforms depends on effective democratic values, the general confidence in the rule of law and freedom of the media are at the heart of the Euro-Atlantic community and that Alliance believe that they will be fully respected in Macedonia.


When asked to comment on the situation with the publication of materials wiretapped by opposition leader Zoran Zaev and the charge made for the needs of foreign intelligence services, the Prime Minister stressed that he pretty thoroughly described the situation to  Stoltenberg about what was happening in past.

Stoltenberg, however, refused to comment on the allegation that foreign intelligence service was active in Macedonia, but stressed that it is important freedom of the media and the opposition have good working conditions and to respect democratic values ​​by all involved.

On the question of the MIA reporter on the reports from Brussels that, seven years after the Bucharest Summit, NATO believes that Macedonia should be its members and is interested in it, NATO Secretary General replied that he was personally present at the Summit in Bucharest 2008 and remember all the discussions they had there.


Macedonian Prime Minister, however, made clear that despite all the roadblocks and obstacles on the road, that Euro-Atlantic integration is the only direction for Macedonia.

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