“Telma” is silent about the censorship as there is no

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Two days passed after television “Telma” has not announced who exerted pressure on the work of television and who threatened them.


Because of absolute silence from the television, it is quite sure that the red phone amidst the news was just cheap PR stunt and apparent desire for fame by creating pressure and some reputed not giving up and objectivity, which was proved to be false, to win more viewers. But time has shown that there was no pressure and the whole move was just bad and imprudent trick. VMRO-DPMNE reacted, Telma should indicate publicly with name and surname who put pressures.

-Televizija Telma with such strange marketing moves is just getting gray area that even the red phone cannot change. The issues should be called by the real names. VMRO-DPMNE requires publicly to say who makes pressure on Thelma and insists that not all politicians should be in the same basket. Television Telma after this move has strong commitment to the public to say who exerted pressure. If Telma does not do it, then it is clear that red telephone and superficial marketing freedom are more important to them than transparency and accurate information, according to statement from the VMRO-DPMNE.

Given that the whole trick of Telma did not yield success, and the television announced that with marketing agency prepared this move few months, desperately disappointing is that television did created any meaningful smarter move. The biggest criticism comes from social networks where with laugh comment that Telma with fictitious things wants to attract attention, and if this was smart and they have prepared for months, what would look this move if it was smarter, probably would result in even greater fiasco.

For the experts of the public opinion and those who follow the surveys it’s no wonder that the ratings of Telma are at the lowest level and move from 1.5 to 2%, according to Nielsen measurements. They commented that this cheap trick Telma shake the already weak credibility. Once Telma was caught in bind as, a soap bubble burst their lie that someone performed pressures, and their try to win viewership. It remains open the question what was the cost for this campaign of Telma and whether for that amount of money they could have created something smarter.

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