PCMDM: The truth will come out after the judicial resolution for “Putsch”

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Public Prosecutor should take all measures to facilitate judicial resolution for the case “Putsch”, was asked by the public civic movement for the defense of Macedonia, which was held last night in Gostivar, reports MIA.


According to university professor Aleksandar Klimovski, “SDSM leader Zoran Zaev and opposition do crime and seek political resolution, but that,” he said, “is not possible.”

– The presentation of the information collected on illegal way is criminal act and they require political unraveling. It cannot be reached if there is no legal redress. Therefore, Public Prosecution has to take decisive measures that through public prosecutor’s procedure will lead the case before the court where we will find out the truth, rather than at the Zoran Zaev’s press, said Klimovski.

Professor Violeta Achkova said that throughout the history of the Macedonian people there were betrayals, but it was always necessary people raised up and thrived. And accused opposition for schism.

– And now they cannot offer anything new, use the international offices in set up materials, which unfortunately again divide the Macedonian national tissue. That division did not led to wars. Therefore, I will say that Macedonia is unique country for the Macedonians, not a party, said Achkova.

Analyst Aleksandar Pandov in his speech emphasized that “Macedonia is attacked again, but this time from within and that these traitors, he said, divide us on various grounds.” – We have seen what is the amount of money for which Ljube Boshkovski sold  the name and identity, but now let us see through the judicial process, what was the amount of money Zaev sold the name. I think that soon we will have such opportunity, underlined Pandov.

Journalist Milenko Nedelkovski said Zaev as charged in the case “Putsch” which bail violates two conditions. – To defend it must meet three conditions, not to leave the state, not to repeat the offense and not to influence witnesses. – Apart from the first, the other two conditions are violated. Constantly repeats the act and influence others, intimidating that you show materials for them, said Nedelkovski.

At the debate were performed fragments from the monodrama for Jane Sandanski by the actor Petar Temelkovski.

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